Texas investigating child abuse allegations at temporary migrant facility


Texas governor Faults Biden after child sexual abuse allegations surfaced in migrant facility By the way, about a third of women coming north are raped, according to the immigration groups that monitor this stuff. And since the numbers are much bigger now, thanks to Biden. The numbers of rape so much bigger now to absolutely extraordinary stuff. S O Texas Governor Greg Abbott demanded a migrant facility be shut down in Texas. After allegations of child sex abuse surfaced while blaming President Joe Biden for his handling of the southern border situation on the influx of unaccompanied minors. The makeshift facility set up by the federal government at Freeman Coliseum, and San Antonio is the subject of complaints regarding allegations of child sexual assault a shortage of staff to supervise the Children properly. And accusations that those in custody aren't being fed properly, The Republican announced during a Wednesday evening press conference, adding that solo miners are said to be testing positive for covert 19 and staff is not physically separating them to avoid the spread of the crown of

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