A highlight from #230: 'Tip the Waitress!'


Bet on that tape. Hi everybody welcome to you can bet on that. A podcast or the recreational gambling. My name is mark of all sitting across from me. Is dr mike. Hello mike welcome back to the you can bet on that studios i hope. Listener bathrooms open. I hope the listeners didn't notice. We had all sorts of audio problems on the last episode. Oh my gosh. Our zoom call kept dropping. And i had to do a lot of editing to kinda million mar house lately. For some reason we've been having wifi issues really and we even have boosters to boost the signal that maybe something's wrong with them. I don't know we can't figure it. It did seem like it was happening on your side. Because i haven't had trouble with other pe- ninety percent of the time it's fine sometimes. We can't get any reception at our house. So i don't know what's going on. Well anyway. Welcome back longtime listeners. Probably know that even though we get free food at the casino a lot of times we leave the casinos so late that the only place. That's open is the cafe and we don't wanna spend the time sitting down ordering eating that kind of thing acas. We're only alive for a fixed amount of time. Right and waiting for food is wasting too. Yeah exactly we could still be at the table right so what we usually do. Is we drive through some kind of fast food place on the drive home and a lotta times. It is jack in the box. We've talked about how the jack in the box in escondido which is a city very close to harris southern california. The jack in the box on the main drag. There is very efficient. The food's good it's hot. I don't know how they do it so quickly. They're great any usually the only thing open. That's the other thing too right. It's like twenty four hours. There's a few taco places that are open. But that's hard to eat when you're driving especially the roles talk when you got the salsa that you're trying to pour over the top well we left the casino here recently earlier than usual so we thought. Oh we're gonna have a choice of different places to go. But as we're driving through dido the lines at these fast food joints were. They were just huge taco bell lying out into the street. That's how long it was so we kept driving and driving. Finally we said. Let's just get on the freeway. We'll decide what we're gonna do. And we said hey. Let's go to jack in the box. If it's very close to where our friend. Dave used to have his poker tournaments right. It's about halfway home on our freeway drive and there's never anybody there right and so we go through so we pull up there and oh you know there are a few people in line. I don't know there were like five cars. Something like four in front of us. Yeah it's like oh well big deal. How long were we in that line. Mar we were in that line for about fifteen minutes. It was fifty. I i started you know after like five minutes. I'm we have moved and then somebody two cars pulled up behind us. Yeah so we were kind of in. And i'm starting to look at the clock okay.

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