Oliver Lee: Young autistic bell ringer and historian


My guest. Today is oliver. Lee is twenty years old. He has autism which is a neurological condition that means he processes information differently. It also means he has difficulty with change and things that are unfamiliar to him. He's had some problems forming friendships with his peer group and this could lead to social isolation in twenty ten. He began bell ringing. It's the best thing to happen to him. He has made lots of positive contacts with people and is now well established member of the essex ringing group like many others. He has struggled during lockdown and the absence of ringing bell ring is going through that my first question to you oliver is. What made you take bell ringing in the first place. What always had an interest in churches stems from that because something i've always been fascinated with and think it's not background rid. The the comes from those tend to at my at price church and nice days never had to recommend arenas so i learned to opponent which is pretty averaged six just a couple of miles from and what is it. You like about bowing before. Start spitzer very interesting because some of sponsor there's a lot of interesting background to is. I think going specialists say what is it that you found interesting. Spiracy amount of history. The restaurants are towers the ring during the nineteen twenties. Recall pills civil law surprise nature stuff. And it's just interesting legacy feeding that y'all carrying that on is royal. Yes what's yo what's been your biggest challenge. Ringing wise screams audible devils trickier aspects. And how did you learn to overcome. There's the person both ways different towns because palm slightly higher than the difficult. So i've been trying to is trying to lend beaumont under backwards. Packwood singular one thing and you use the skills for another things. I've been trying to

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