Where does Gonzaga-UCLA rank among greatest college games?

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What time did you get to bed on saturday night. Three thirty three. I was done working at like one thirty. I just i. I watched the jalen sug shot fifty times. I just i couldn't get over it and i woke up this morning. Still kind of buzzing about it jeff. Porcello is a college basketball insider for espn and he's been covering the tournament from indianapolis us a prisoner of the moment. Jeff that's the phrase that gets thrown around but there are not many moments in sports history like what happened with gonzaga in the final four. You were there just broad historical analysis year. What did we witness. I mean it was the best game i've ever seen in person or on tv and it wasn't a game where the ending masked a you know sloppy but close game. This was just just unbelievable. Basketball for forty. Five minutes. Both teams making shots. No team led by more than seven points the the tension and the butterflies ahead throughout the game. It was just unlike anything. I've witnessed the shot at the end. Just just kind of cap it all off just mentioned that that shot by suggs. Walk us through it from your perspective. What you're seeing. I knew we were good because there was in jalen hands. He's got that magical or he just. He makes them in practice all the time. It's been craziest. Your many's maiden practice where last second shot so. I felt pretty good staring right at it and i was like that's in so it was. It was the best game you know in my you know since i started covering the sport and people compare it to the nineteen ninety-two duke kentucky game. I did not see that. In person. And i was six years old five years old but i i can't imagine there are too many games in the history of the sport. There were better than this.

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