Chris Hunniford and Mark Perkins on Trends in Odors and Air Pollutants


Always something interesting to talk about when it comes to odor odors and air pollutants joined by two guests for this topic. I have mark perkins. He is president and owner of perkins engineering consultants mark. Thanks for coming on the podcast view. And have chris hannaford. He is chief operating officer with vienna consulting engineers. Chris appreciate you coming on as well travis. Bigger so i'm i'm interested in talking to you. Guys i want to mention that Has its odors air. Pollutants conference april twentieth twenty seconds and a lot of the things we're going to talk about today are going to be part of that that content so we encourage folks to take a look and hopefully join us. What are some of the issues and trends that you all are see and when it comes to odors air pollutants these days. I'm may start off in the no hand off to prison. We would probably have both quite a few answers to that One thing. I see quite a bit lately is becoming a bigger issue in getting new treatment facilities permitted. You don't necessarily a numeric limits like you for effluent for odors and a lot of places some sites Too but But the general public is better educated cases of closer to where plant sites with the and other much more vocals of voters or more front and center topic are becoming more funds that our topic than than they have in the best at least in a lot of places. So receiving emphasized and getting a lot more scrutiny.

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