Josh Fight: Hundreds Gather In Battle For Their Name

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Hundreds of people fight in a field in nebraska over the named josh. A lot of josh's gathered to brawl over the right to their name over the weekend. Dozens of people in fact named joshua they met in lincoln nebraska and they held a battle over the name joshua on april twenty fourth. The winter not surprisingly was josh tiny. Josh to be exact. He's a five year old boy. He was coronated with the burger king crown after a massive pool noodle fight. They use pool noodles. Guys know at pool noodles are they were invented to float their flotation device primarily but quickly. Most of us appropriated these devices to smash cousins in the face. Anybody else just me. Okay josh from all over the country. I'm talking about the u s survey and there are a lot of josh's in the us of they flocked to air park in lincoln nebraska. For saturday's of the joshes. How did this come about. I'm so curious it seems very fun.

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