How Capital Invents Staffing Crises to Bust Unions and Depress Wages

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Every few weeks it seems we hear about some essential industry suffering from a critical quote unquote labor shortage. Nurses truck drivers software engineer teacher. Construction according to corporate trae groups and their media mouthpieces these industries simply can't find trained workers to fill their ranks but a closer examination of claims of worker shortages reveals that there's very rarely an actual labor shortage at all what there is however time and again is a pay shortage. Industry is not wanting to provide adequate compensation or safe work conditions for the available labor force. That is perfectly willing and ready to work instead of a worker shortage. There's a not hyper liquidity in the labor market problem for capital the perfectly capable and trained workers that industries do have easily replaceable. Potentially or already unionized and making demands of capital that those industries simply don't like in an effort to increase the labor pool and thus give capital more leverage over existing workers corporate lobbying groups constantly whine about labor shortages knowing the media. Will mindlessly repeat. These claims without any skepticism are evidence to increase recruiting of new potential employees promote legislation that loosens licensing or health and safety standards and reinforces media. Ready means that. American workers are lazy and greedy. Pr extra capital routinely evoked the spectacle of worker shortages knowing full weather claims will be unquestionably repeated by american media. Who never bothered. Ask why they're reporting on the same suppose labor shortages every year for the past thirty years later on the episode we'll be joined by kevin cashman senior associate at the center for economic and policy research. It's a lot easier denies people and say well you know you should be taking this job instead of taking unemployment you know. We should have unemployment amount. That's adequate for everybody. And then we should have employers that are paying wages that incorporate all the requirements of the

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