Biden's First 100 Days: Where He Stands on Key Promises

NBC Nightly News


Tonight. We're bringing you the first in a week. Long series of nbc reports examining president. Biden's first one hundred days in office our new. Nbc news poll shows how americans think he's handling key issues like the pandemic the economy and immigration. Kelly o'donnell has more of first report card for the president art first one hundred days in office in a new. Nbc news poll. His approval rating stands at fifty three percent while thirty nine percent disapprove placing president biden of donald trump. But behind barack obama same one hundred day point of republicans surveyed just nine percent approve of the president's job performance confronting the pandemic. Mr biden stewardship earns a sixty nine percent approval with a majority of americans at sixty-one percent. Saying they believe the worst is behind us including tennessee. Republican scott carry on the cohen respond. Just rethink the news taken the leadership role that i was hoping that he would but political discord rau- and contentious is reflected in this big number. Eighty two percent surveyed say. The country is divided rather than united. Only way we come through. This is if you come through together as americans turning to immigration signs of trouble just thirty three percent support the job. He's doing among the sharpest critics progressive democrats angered by the white house backtracking than delaying a promised to welcome. Thousands more vetted refugees from around the world. The president says he will increase the refugee cap later. Democrat austin coker studies immigration. I think it was a real shock to the conscience of a lot of people who are following immigration and refugee policy on the economy. The president stewardship climbs to fifty two percent on gun policies. Just thirty four percent support his

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