Navalny's Group Is Shutting All Its Offices in Russia


Navalny, a dismantling their regional offices ahead of a court hearing is expected to declare the centers on their staff as extremist prosecutors want them closed down, claiming they're plotting revolution. And in the future. Anyone linked to Mr No valley could face criminal prosecution. Mr. Navalny himself made a defiant court appearance today via video link in a separate case, his first since ending his three week hunger strike the BBC Sarah Rainsford has Bean has been speaking to some of his supporters. In some Petersburg Please close down. All this is I couldn't Dollars and ask you really fat? Yeah, never shows me. What was the center of opposition politics and some Petersburg But the front door of Alex Sandoval is headquarters is shuttered. Signs with this name have all gone on through one dusty window. I could see a couple of chairs and a coat rack. Rina used to run this place. But this week she was forced to suspend all operations until a court decides whether Alexander van is political network should be classed as extremist and band. Arena is very nervous, keen to stress to me that she's cut all formal ties with nerve only because the punishment for extremism could be up to 10 years in prison, risking my share. I'm gonna wash it. It isn't the war course The risks are high because we just don't know how this loan will be applied how hard they want to crack down destroying cow movement. For me, it's a tragedy. But they can still come after whoever they want. They'll decide what is extremist activity and what isn't And that's frightening off course. You know what?

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