Spring-like temperatures predicted for the end of the week in Washington DC


Forecast. Wait until we get to Thursday. Here's NBC force. Rianna Burma solo. Yeah, you know, the good news is we kind of just gradually warm up every day. We get closer to Thursday. So tomorrow morning, definitely feeling like winter By Thursday afternoon. Spring is here and will feel those signs of spring much earlier than that. Now, this is officially the second toe last week of winter spring this year, the equinox march 20th 2021 s So as we look ahead to what is officially the last week of winter will be seen twenties to start my Day, then turning to low fifties. Very mild and comfortable. Tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday, mid sixties sunny skies Wednesday, upper sixties possibly 70 degrees in the district with plenty of sunshine. Thursday. We've got low seventies the warmest day of the week. Clouds return on Friday. A chicken our current temperatures, Manassas, It is 27 degrees, Occoquan 29 degrees and college Park 30 degrees, Briana. Thank you very much 38 degrees right now outside our studios brought to you by new look home design.

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