A highlight from Drawn To It Podcast - EP 60 - Emily Jiuliano 2D Animator/Clean UP Artist (Legend)

Drawn To It


Today i have emily giuliano legendary. Two d animation clean up artists and talented animator in her own right. She will talk about her experience beginning. We're at disney with the likes of glen keane and leaving disney with don bluetooth and then coming back right here on drawn to it. Podcast senior books in the corners. Making books brings no reason. Turn them into comic. Shucks clay of a snob doesn't matter how so. Thank you for being on the podcast. This is awesome. I got your images you emailed to me. I got so excited when i saw that. You've worked on duet i. I mean that that's short really touched me because it is pretty much the story of my wife and i we found out we used to play together as kids and live down the street from each other like it's a win win. That came out. He he read my mind. we find. That would've been me. Yeah but no some some very cool stuff. And i record the intro Separately and i froze again. There's no nike. Has this happened before dismay. About every fifth or six podcast. Yeah i i get a troubled connection. How is it now. Well it's fine. It's fine yeah okay. Well we'll just plow ahead. We'll make the best of it I mean it's only a podcast. it's not You know all hollywood films out some technical prayer doodoo herea. This make this smooth easy find. I have watched several of your podcast. And i just enjoy him so much. Some like oh kinds of thrilled to get to talk to you. Yeah all right awesome. Well then you know. I only have one scripted question. I start off every interview with it. Is that that year between high school and going into the animation industry some people. It's more than a year. But what got you from high school into the world of animation. That how i got an animation is very us in high school. I was an art major. And then i started city college in san francisco. I grew up in san francisco and they had an amazing art program. But you had to choose a direction so i chose advertising. I don't know back anyway. I think he's unlikely graphic design. So i was going through curriculum. There was a six month course on animation to basically it was stop motion cutting out shapes move them and We put our own soundtrack to everything so

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