A highlight from A Russian Youth (Alexander Zolotukhin; 2019)


Hashtag padre that's p. o. d. r. e. d. a. y. Hide his flyby emmer. Fella hosts more talks at midnight. I'm my name's allie pits. I host the risk. False movie podcast. Hey this is garrett godfrey with the good patron podcast pod. Reading are challenged to you right now is to think about your favorite podcast. Why you love them and what you want to say. In your review or reviews then write them share them and follow the rest elevated on the eighth day of every month. We get a thank the podcasters that make the shows. We love by posting reviews. We get to spread the word by sharing those reviews on social media. We get to discover new shows by following on social media and seeing the reviews that folks are sharing hashtag potter. Fda that's peo- d. r. d. a. y. because podcasters deserve to hear it emme excessive explosives. Thank god that guy catching night. You would hi. My name's elliott. This is the reuss files unite. Podcast where we watch russian films and films with a russian connection as always i am joined by a guest and today is joined by lynch sarah. Hi lynne hello. Thank you for coming on the show again. You're welcome. I'm south by company. They're a person but here. I am like everyone else. Moaning about set in court Yes yes indeed. Longtime listeners may have picked this up from the the comments we have made and slight difference in the sound quality but yeah normally normally when lens on the show. We were called this thing in person Anyway so for listeners. Who haven't heard an episode that your on before. Could you tell us a little. Bit about yourself lynn. I can try you could. I've completely lost a runoff. Interesting things about myself your standard responses. I'm lynn and i don't know anything about russian films much marston films. I've seen a few now with either. Which is if that's my. I'm gonna guess that this is going to be bad. Anna mass might come at on coupon subsets. that is is quite quite a low baugh. It's nice if a reasonably sir about something. Yes in these uncertain times. I mean i'm actually not planning on releasing this for a little while so hopefully by the time this thing comes out the whole social isolation and just being home the whole time. We'll just be a very unpleasant memory. But i'll be nice. Who knows. let's try and be optimistic show. I'm so anyway yes. Anna was the loss time you're actually on. I think it was. Yeah yeah i guess. It didn't make a bit of a bit of a change in terms of what i normally have you on. It's normally normally like talk off scale. Someone similarly like highly regarded but we decided to slum it for that one way. Dad's we slum there for the full cinematic experience of being pang to say this pointing foam really really big rate ruthie.

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