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For in person instruction. ABC is Alex Stones in California, with details now law here in California $6.6 billion is heading towards schools to resume in person Learning 2.2 billion of its schools will only get if they reopened by the end of March for the youngest students. If they don't meet that deadline every day that passes, they lose money. Governor Gavin Newsom will signing the bill the right time to safely reopened for in person instruction. Our schools California has over 1000 School District second dip into the money if they reopen by the end of the month. Alex Stone, ABC NEWS LOS Angeles The FBI arrested the first known member of the Trump administration in connection with the capital Riot. January 6th. Federico Klein had a top secret security clearance and the Trump Administration State Department and was still the government employees when the FBI said he assaulted a federal law enforcement officer during the insurrection, court records said Klein appeared on video violently shoving a riot shield between doors that officers were trying to close. In another video, Klein was allegedly heard calling to the crowd behind him. We need fresh people. Tipster told the FBI, Klein had exhibited extreme behavior, including inflammatory rhetoric about President Biden and Vice President Harris. Aaron Carter.

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