Dr. Seuss Books Are Pulled, and a ‘Cancel Culture’ Controversy Erupts


Protests people with signs and a little bit of chanting and a little bit speaking Nothing like crazy no instead his house on fire or anything like that. No one was firing guns or anything you know team meetings family or disturbing the peace or any of that so now he paints twitter. Our court win the few times. He'll actually say something about it. Yeah he's fearing for his life. Yeah and so so they passed this ordinance in new fields new hampshire which apparently his brother is on the city or the town council michael not a conflict of interest there Who voted for it by the way the brother and the other council members i believe. There's what three i think in total They passed this thing that said there would be no picketing outside of residential houses. I think it was. I don't have the language in front of me but something to that effect so clearly we need to be bringing the consequences to these people and there was actually some interesting discussion at a at a recent meet up. I won't say who it was. That was talking about this. But there was talk about expanding. the visits from. Just the governor's house to a bunch of these worst of the worst state representatives the ones who are sponsoring some of the most tyrannical legislation in regards to this To target them. Because do you only have so many cops now. Obviously there's cops in the towns but there's state police well and it's been the state. Police who primarily have been responding at the governor's house so they bring in all the status from all over the night. You got arrested. It was what at least twenty twenty-five cop i was. I personally was surrounded by twelve to fifteen of there s. Scart officer you know. There's there's swat team or whatever it was there was at least another ten or fifteen officers there. I mean there was a dozen. Cars does more more than twenty four. I would say cops her. What was what nine people. Nine people nine peaceful pete including report out giving people tickets over stupid stuff like lighting candles because they gave us all tickets. All nine of them got tickets so they were giving cleanings over stupid stuff. It was looting traffic violations that you need to other people sure. Yeah yeah yeah. And there was a guy from nhc insider. I think they're the got ticketed. Chris maidment yet are at. You're just telling us last night. That mississippi and texas have completely withdrawn both the mask mandate and business regulations is that right. Yes and alabama soon to join them. Apparently in did. I hear somebody else was as well some some other southern state besides alabama florida didn't really have a mask mandate to begin with. That's true so these are all good good news. Apparently biden's been freaking out about this so course if you wanna congress he has. He's all about the democratic narrative. Which has that masks were you. Can't you even have the leader of the satanic temple. Going off on people telling them he wishes they were dead. Because they're against the mask mandates. Mike you have to respect the authorities here like dude. How dare you call yourself a statement. And you're just blindly following authorities. All of the data and science are

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