From $33k in Debt to $100k+ in Net Worth Through House Hacking & Smart Saving with Budget Girl


Sarah. Welcome back to the show. I'm so excited to see you again. Thank you so much. I'm so thrilled to be here. Tell us what you've been up to the last three years. I believe in three years since i last spoke with you like on online. I've spoken to offline. Yes so last time i was on the show i had just paid off thirty three thousand dollars student loan debt on an average thirty thousand dollar income. I started at twenty six. And since then i have Saved a bunch of money and now have an over one hundred thousand dollar net worth and i am the owner of a duplex ashley. Hundred thousand air over here and if you haven't mentioned this earlier but if you haven't already go back and listen to episode six because it's just incredible i mean it's it's not the most debt we've heard paid off in the show but it's the most debt we've paid off her had seen paid off in the shortest amount of time relative to the income level that you had it's truly remarkable impressive feat and no surprises that you're becoming wealthy a few years later with the after after achieving that thank you it is. It's a lot more fun to build up the wealthy to pay off the debt. I'll tell you that and a lot faster too. That's really fun. Just grow compound. Interest is working for you or against you. Can you tell us a little bit about Just to catch up on the money story before we get into the review. You come a little bit of catch-up on the duplex potentially or any other highlights of the journey of the last three years. Yes so The duplex purchase. I actually have only had for ten months. So i bought it right when the pandemic started my i was wrenching and i was saving up for a property. 'cause i knew i wanted to do multifamily and i found the perfect place after shopping for a year. Right is the world went to hell so it came to the at a very good time because my rental apartment was actually going to increase three hundred dollars a month and so i started really seriously thinking like if i find the deal that where the numbers work. Let's go ahead and do this. So it was a two hundred thirty thousand dollar property in college station texas and it has three bedroom two bath on each side little backyard little three parking spots freeze unit very cute little things in a little subdivision near the campus texas a and m university campus in the direction that the campus is growing. So i very much anticipate that that will increase in value. And it already has. It's actually already to fifty after ten months. 'cause i just replied oh right i would point out that somebody else on this call also purchased in the path of progress and that would be scott not me because we have different investment styles but that is a really great thing that i think some people don't realize or take into account if the path of progress is going north. You did to be looking north. Because those are where the properties are going to appreciate at a faster rate than the potential path of progress than outside the potential path progress that nothing's guaranteed scott. Had a really great way to choose his property to and it was smack in the path of progress yeah parallel also my properties with two hundred and forty thousand dollars a very similar type of deal for us and even our cabinets are the same assault on instagram. Yeah the same exact cabinets that by my head but let me ask you. This is your property located what he said a path of progress in the best area. You could be living in right now if you were to purchase anywhere in the In a thirty mile radius not even close. But it's also not in the worst it's kind of a medium area. There's some older homes nearby and there's also a they just built like a walmart and a shopping center there and but more importantly texas owns so much of the surrounding area and they keep building in that direction. And i mean the university plans are on the website for free. You can go look at them and that like they're planning on growing in that direction so i could be just like a spit from one of their like giant new enormous buildings and a couple of years. Awesome in my understanding. Is your house hacking this. Yes so i am renting outside a i. Actually originally i inherited a hud tenant who is paying ten fifty a month. Her lease ended at the end of february. I m doing some fix ups on the project this month in march and i have a new tenant moving in april at twelve fifty a month also and i understand that you're crowd sourcing feedback on your remodel on instagram. So you can follow her at go budget girl and she really wants more opinions on how what color. She should paint the kitchen cabinets. A second. is that right. Oh definitely and the other parts of the house hacking of course is i actually so i have renters on a i live in but my boyfriend also lives with me and i charged him five hundred dollars a month in rent because nobody sugar mama i was. I was gonna say how did that him. That's still a good deal right. That's less than the other half the other side so like it's a three bedroom unit so we have an office and we share a bedroom. He has a lease that i worked for him. And we've both side with you know contingencies for things. It might happen. He didn't have a deposit he doesn't have pet rent and he essentially gets way more space than he would anywhere else in town for that price and due to that he's helping me with the a unit right now. He was mopping yesterday. While i was at work all right perfect it works out. But i'm glad there's the conversation and what's your mortgage payment on this It was originally just under seventeen hundred dollars a month. So i was paying one hundred fifty dollars a month out of pocket and but just reside and i was able to go down almost a whole point so my new mortgage is going to be fifteen sixty four so just under sixteen hundred so i'm going to be making one hundred dollars a month. That's fantastic. And so why did you refi. Generally it was it was it because of the Interest mostly or was there like pm. Is that you're able to shed or what were some of the things around that. Unfortunately i wasn't able to shed. Pm i quite yet. But i saw that interest rates were dropping. I was pleased with my rate. Got a three point six five right around the time that everything was going down and then it bumped up a little bit and i did. Fha loan so. I only put three point five percent down. Even though the property appraised for tenure. And more than i paid and even though it's now worth tango and more than that i'm still not quite to the level where i can shave off the pm. I but that's one hundred fifty dollars a month. And i find that to be worth it.

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