Azure and .NET with Labrina Loving


We're gonna be talking dot net and the cloud and a very aware as we've regarding the so we're recording this nineteen of november twenty twenty. Don't that five is not very long. It's been out for about a week or two week. Old week-old excellent. I mean the have been the they release candidates but this is like the official as he is here so i'm likely going to end because obviously because of the time cast pop machine whibley. We're recording this in advance of time. So there's likely going to be time. Tony said hey. So when dot net call superseded by don't at five so please bear that in mind everyone who's listening we're regarding this couple months ahead of time but So festival before we talk about anything right. You've set yourself you've been in this this whole this industry for for almost twenty years right to vote for me. I'm you know. That's that's i mean for anyone. That's a long time right. That's that's a whole bunch of innovation that has happened since then like twenty years ago with talking about dot net was like an intranet based technology for inside of the business and now it runs a huge portion of the web. You've got as you. all suppose azure. I'm not sure how. What the official brennan nell right or wrong way okay. So we've got as your as you that that whole thing. And that's that's running dot net presumably or you can ruin your dot net thing on it and and we've gone from like i say we've gone from small web services to scaled micro services and video games and consoles all running dot net. You can never internet on fridge which is just blows my mind. I've gotta got a bunch of raspberry pies somewhere around here that are controlling my bet soon. I just bought a house. So we're excited about you. Know making our whole house smart enabled so i'm excited to start using dot net korir on a bunch of raspberry pies and the you know controlling controlling how long my stepdaughter gets to use the internet. So it's gonna be fun. It's brilliant is one of these technologies the just scales almost everywhere. Are you talked about the raspberry. Pi oko another respite. Pi four hundreds pien inside of a keyboard Is one big folk kit. And i've been using that to do sorts of crazy don net things of the past weekend. I'm teaching roberta. Who's not a developer code with it so it was like. Hey come on what i do. And he's just just the keyboard and while he came over before they Before the unfortuna- say over in the uk. We've had like a lockdown so nobody can go anywhere and so he came over a few days before that and we couldn't get a moment times we staying here for the duration so by the time you're listening to this. Hopefully he's going home. I thought to keep me busy. Teach him to wrestle. Code is totally all right. That's that's fun but then so if we're looking at almost twenty years in the industry what a in your opinion. Some of these innovations that have really changed the game. I mean we talked about chaperone being collaborative bringing everyone together. Dot net clearly has changed a whole bunch of stuff. Is it purely a microsoft thing you thinking or is it just a his aesthetic. I think for me. I i love tech but i also love the people in tack and i think for me. What's with what i've loved. That's change is sort of how we work together. So i remember when i first started in tak started a working for this We built the first installation of of of this insurance company allstate s- Their first online web presence So we built their i kind of web application and bad took hundreds and hundreds of people and it was all these very very very siloed teams. Right there is a huge team of leg database administrators. I have no idea what they did. There is a huge infrastructure team. And i have no idea i i mean i got a chance to like talk to some of them. But there's a huge infrastructure team. There is a huge Devops will be call them the the bill guys but the cuge build than a team and there was all these teams That came together to build this amazing web application but we were all really really really siloed. I felt like and It was such a very everything was so very very very specialized whereas you flash forward today and I feel like the development team and You know infrastructure engineers and Site reliability engineers while there there's different fancy titles for everyone but that teams like shrunk significantly and and and you know we all work really really well together. it's not kind of this like staunchy kind of separation of people it's it's a much more collaborative team. We work much closer together Because i think the tools and technologies have evolved in such a way that everyone can kind of sort of work together much better. So i think that part's been super super exciting. And because of that we were able to get you know it's it's more satisfying you can see applications getting released. You know all the time. I mean you get huge. Companies like netflix. They're releasing features like every day. So it's really exciting to see the pace and end the change of how like software and how technology evolves and then. I also think Just be the the amount of information and of you know how to get Involved in tak It's come to a place where i'm excited that so many people like you're talking about your brother. You're literally decision whom how to code and so literally you know a cup. After lockdown he can apply at microsoft and get a job at burnside. Apply to microsoft. So i i love this. I love this. I love because of i came from. I originally from chicago came from you. Know modest modest family and a lot of people around me or modest living. And so i really loved that technology has started to become a equalizer providing a lot more people opportunities To be able to code be able to change and thereby getting great jobs and then they're thereby kind of really changing their lives so it's not. I love seeing really kind of technology for all encoding for all This whole push for that. That's what's really got me like super excited about this industry now.

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