Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown wins Big East tournament over Creighton


Is headed back to the NC double a tournament for the first time since 2015. The Hoyas smashed Creighton 73 to 48 in the Big East Tournament title game. The wind also comes on the 49th anniversary of the day. The program hired the late Hall of Fame coach John Thompson, head coach. Patrick Ewing was asked Postgame if he was surprised by his team's four day for victory performance up in New York City. No, I'm not surprised. You know, I believe in these kids. I think they believe in me. You know, I keep telling them from the first day we met most we got on campus. I told him we have We had enough talent to win the Big East to make it to the N C. A a tournament And once you get to the N C, a a tournament, Anything is possible. The

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