Texas responds to ongoing immigration surge at the border


Surge of the border is the state expects a rise in crime from the rise in population. Steve Harrigan reporting in Mission, Texas 800 miles of the Texas border is water, State troopers patrol the Rio Grande and heavily armed 34 FT boats searching for narcotics and human traffickers too weak. They've seized hundreds of pounds of marijuana hundreds of thousands of dollars and arrested multiple gang members. Yet the flow of migrants continues uninterrupted through rough terrain. Once the rivers crossed, the paths are well worn strewn with garbage and discarded clothing. Many women carry small Children on their shoulders. Signs direct the marchers towards a processing center underneath a highway overpass. Some will be released almost immediately. No time to safely hold new arrivals in a pandemic in order. For notices to appear in court to be given out. This comes as the Biden administration tries to undo immigration policies that were put in place by the Trump Administration. All right, we are back with your

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