A Conversation With Ellyn Marsh of 'Obsessed With Disappeared'


Today's episode. Have with me the wonderful and talented amazing ellen. Marsh we talk about life during lockdown true crime missing persons. Owi and her work on broadway and so much more. So let's get started with this very special episode. So i kinda wanted to talk about i this last episode of a wd. But i Do you wanna talk a little bit about how you got started with. Obsessive disappeared and how that all came together with patrick. Patrick and i are old friends from college and we just. We have been wanting to collaborate on something for a really long time. We've always both loved true crime We both always loved eater and so we even though we've sort of like video each other's champions for many many years. We have ever had anything that we could collaborate on and it was a total fluke that we started it. You know right before the panda express and like which was. We started recording in the beginning of march. And then you know everything. Shut down. So i thought it was a you know at a project that we did because of it but we had actually been planning it for like one get. We've been planning on working together for a couple of years but we did planning on this podcast for like a year before. So yeah so. It's kind of like the chinese was all just right to start doing that.

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