Interactive Storytelling Tool: Twist - Christian Mahnke, EarReality


Tell us about your product. The wonder for interactive storytelling to twist. I believe tell us who it's for. You know the type of clients you serve and also the problem and solve with the tow based as a tool that was made by writers for writers. It's a no coding solution with a visual interface and empowers nearly abby run from the age of thirteen to nine hundred nine to create and publish interactive stories for voice easily when we founded. We had the long-term vision to transform twist into a south publishing platform. I but when our tool was ready in two thousand eighteen we realized that we were too far ahead of the market so we simply adjusted our strategy and became a business agency. I while creating interactive stories for disney twentieth century fox audible and other great companies. We have at the same time. A hundred writers on our tool and we coach them an interactive storytelling and they provided very valuable feedback in return and while we are still doing the agency. Business and one expand our portfolio heavily especially in the english speaking markets. We also aim to open the gates of twist worldwide at the end of this year. Or maybe at the beginning in two thousand twenty two. So what makes this unique. Is that is really intuitive. And easy to use it takes us in average only an hour to show a new writer how twist works at at the same time coach him or her in how right interactivity for voice. We've done that over a hundred times and very good at that and having a tool that really focuses on the needs of writers of content creators designers that makes us unique in every way we get tons of great feedback from waiters and game writing professional telling us how much they like are a tool and help some to prototype or create produce interactive stories. They all agree that it's shields just natural to them to use twist and that it provides all the features they want the neat and nothing more than that so to create an interactive story interests. You just drop your flow chart and write down your tax simplest that afterward you can mail script up the story and the recording guidelines to your voice actor and recording studios and when they send you back all your files you can mass upload those all at once and the production part of your story is finished you can then use the testing environment twist to play quickly through this story. Check on although all your files. And if you're satisfied with that you just deploy a story with simply click on the button to amazon. Alexa and google assistant and samson bixby or you can launch your story on a website or an app. Yeah there's no need for. Coding complicated

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