A highlight from The episode where Dota finally gets a new player experience


Thanks for say they. As i don not good morning good afternoon. Good evening howard morning today how you shannon i was gonna. I was gonna say this great conversation about this a year ago. But we're approaching that time with time zones and we. I remember you almost throwing something at the screen and anger at me when we had this Discussion about time zones. Nothing discussion all. Is it works so we switched to summertime here. We next weekend. I think it is and that will not affect you somehow. Okay let me explain. Everybody knows how regular time zones work okay. And when i was explaining this the first time around the i the people i was getting at was partially you but also chat because they were actually calling me stupid when in fact they were the ones that were soup. I just want to let the chat know that they were the ones that sued because arizona is weird now okay so this is what happens half the year. I am on pacific standard time. The other half of the year. I'm on mountain standard time so we actually switch time zones but in effect our time itself does not change. Is that make sense. I never have to reset my clock. So that's really nice quality of life for me by the way and i think they're getting rid of daylight savings at some point. Is my guest. The next few years the only annoying thing is adjusting to guy. 'cause else changes time so after just to what you guys are doing. You know what i mean. So that's the only confusing part. But yeah it's nice not having to change time zones it's great anyway Let's go over are very good patron in bruised here people. We appreciate you despite. What looks like syndromes disgust. We we are very happy to have you. Tell me i don't know. Oh my goodness yeah. You disgust me in bruce tear patrons. That's right up being discussed. Well actually some of the names are kind discussing this one.

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