Fake News in Digital Journalism

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Marcus if i could start with you you wrote after the fact the truth about fake news which is about the circulation of fake news within this environment. Could you talk about that a little bit. Please well. I tried to take a kind of slightly provocative approach to the idea of fake news because the book is motivated by some of the problems i found in the ways that the problems of misinformation and disinformation are talked about and the rather selective way in which we talk about this province which is rather blind to the overall ways in which we can be misinformed by kind of cultural and ideological processes. Well as by much more narrow and specific forms of whether invest into deliberate factual inaccuracy. I suppose part of that is in considering the relationship between journalism and kind of neo liberal tables value in government policy and so forth and the way that that question has not really been engaged with enough so as part of that overall inquiry one of the things i wanted to actually look at the journalism industry which is an inside job involved in preparing graduates to enter for the last twelve thirteen years as as an economic and something. I've worked in as well and throughout that time. That's been i suppose a slight disappointment. Because there's always been this sense of incredible potential and i really believe in the value of what great journalists do and yet as positive to overrule perhaps cultural complacency we have around the kind of slide into neoliberalism has occurred in the last kind of fatty for two years A lot of the things that we say we want journalism to do. Haven't really occurred in in in terms of challenging and trying to arrest or reverse that slide. We started to use a certain point. A word a lot began to trouble me which was content this content creating content over time and i felt that this is emphasizing. The wrong part of what we're doing

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