Etsy Stock Falls More Than 7% After Earnings



Solidly higher than expected. But you would not know that from what is happening to the stock today. Shares of esi falling fourteen percent. I'm assuming this is just based on valuation right. Because they didn't seem to be any big red flags in their results. Yeah and we can talk about the results in a second i would say is that it looks to me like the like. The stock price is really reacting to some of the guidance. That's coming up so they're going to have a little bit more difficult year-over-year calms coming up. Because they did so well last year remember. We had all of the the masks on their platform. Everyone was was looking to buy anything. That's really what's what's causing that. But we talk about the results so I'll take a step back and just explain. What is so at the ecommerce platform for unique handmade and vintage products and its brand is so unique. That twenty twenty survey of buyers that eighty percent of buyers agreed that. Let's see has items that you can't find anywhere else and so when we look at ecommerce platforms which look at the strength of the platform and if their network so in terms of sellers so they saw an increase of sellers of this quarter so is about sixty seven percent increase year over year to total four point seven million sellers active buyers so people have been on the platform at least once in the last year. Increase almost ninety percent year over year to total ninety point six million buyers so a lot of growth here Also what we like to look at our. How often are those buyers engaging the platform for that we look at xy calls habitual buyers which are buyers who spent two hundred dollars more in had six or more purchases in the last twelve months. I'm one of these fires

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