A highlight from Janelle James: A Joke about Public Proposals


Crazy but we still out here right. Gotta live and shit. The guy. i'm seeing recently. Sang the me in a room ourselves. And shit and i had a really hard time trying to figure out if i was ever going to talk to him again. Because that's it was mortifying i fuck. Oh my god oh my god. It was the worse when he supposed to do at your face. What are you supposed to your face if somebody's like singing into your soul. The creepiest man is the creepiest shit. Hated it. I couldn't even hear him embarrassing hearings. That's all guys is. I just think about how long this is going to go is crazy man. Tubers and bridge. Are you fucking kidding me. Like he's the kind of duty like propose to you in public and shit. You know what i mean. Kill them off. I would kill a murder murder shit like that. Poland proposals are really Manipulative to me. You know yes manipulative mail. They know you know what i mean. If you want to say no. I fantasize about fucking public proposals fetish. That's my fetish man to just being a part and be like walking along a couple. He's going down with the ring out on his nina shifts. Shift i don't think that's me because we've all heard the fucking engagement stories than boris. A he gets to be like. Oh we weren't a part. Deborah was just about to say yes. It's black girl comes island nowhere like that's already the best fucking story you've ever heard your life you're welcome. I'm here right now. You marry because you thought it was cold stone right ice cream date shit you walking along. You think about the coast. You think about your punch card. You need eight seven. Am i going to chocolate chips. Care mail usually important shit get close all of a sudden is like fucking flash mob and your mom there. S fault up. That's why would you do that to somebody you love. You know what. I mean don't do this. You're bucking brother. Doing choreography happy. You say notice and shit like that. I say no shit your mom because of the occasion but you can still see the fucking goldstone. Try to figure how to bring it back up. You know catch l. james in the company lineup only on netflix.

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