Dan Hurley on the Evolution of Coaching College Basketball


Sword. Welcome integrate dan hurley to the world's greatest podcast notice courtside. I got a question for you at at your a guy of kind of your heart. New school parts. You're well more part. Ulster the job of being a college basketball coach today. Is it anything like you thought it would be when you got into coaching. You know. I think listen. It's gotten way more Way more complicated But you know for me. I think they'll just kind of growing up coming up in like a basketball family. With with with bob senior like kind of seen the evolution You know of it. Like as a player for him. And i think what prepared me well was like being a high school coach for nine years south when you know like i had i think seven. I think i had seven or eight. Mcdonald's all americans in those like those eight or nine years. I was at saint benedict's so i was seeing you know on a from the grassroots and exactly kind of what was going on with high level players and you know how. The kind of recruiting was changing You know in in terms of the amount of people that were were now getting involved with a kid obviously things like the portal social media. You know that these things have obviously made coaching College coachee like particularly challenging.

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