A highlight from Extreme Makeover: Zuck Edition


When people look at park soccer berg what do they see. Maybe something like these jesse eisenberg character in these social network. Kind of conniving may be machiavellian or they think of the memes mark zuckerberg robotically. Eating bread mark zuckerberg repeatedly touting sweet baby. Ray's barbecue sauce mark zuckerberg blank faced in front of congress. But if mark zuckerberg had his way you'd think of him as mark zuckerberg product and technology visionary shape the creator economy virtual reality and the future of communication if you think of robots. You won't think mark zuckerberg s robotic you'll think of actual robots. Maybe that he actually built. This is the information. Four one one. I'm cory weinberg on this episode. I spoke to my colleagues alex heathen. Sylvia barnum oregon. Who just did a bunch of reporting on this topic. They have heaps of details from inside of facebook about how zuckerberg and the company over all are trying to improve their image. It'll probably take more than some shots. Clubhouse and discord but it's a place to start then. We're going back to the office literally. I have finally been able to report the podcast from office rather than my apartment. The future of real estate from what they tell us or it's hybrid or flex or something. I'm going to speak to real estate and tech expert. Justin better carre the founders fund back startup called raise commercial real estates. We're going to talk about what all of those terms mean and what can go right and can go wrong in the future of the office. But first let's get to alex and sylvia and facebook.

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