On empty and we just haven't noticed. The last of us, too, was a huge hit. But are they remaking the original again? Yes. So there have been some rumors going around now that Sony is working on Another re master of the last of us to this time for the PlayStation fi. It's It's at this point, not a rumor, right? But how many times is the game been remade? This will be the second time that it was replayed. Now, Just give it a bit of context. The last of us to originally came out for the PlayStation three in 2013. He has three titles. Sorry. Last bus, the first one and then a year later in 2014. Remastered it for the PlayStation four. So we know they just made it playable on the PS reported it up into pretty much skill of the textures and stuff. But this is what this is about. Really has people kind of you know up in arms against Tony isn't just the fact they're remaking this game. Again. Yeah, it's that Sony had turned down the chance to remake the first uncharted game and instead opted to now remake the last bus to a second time. Uncharted came out in 2000 and seven on the PlayStation three and 30 as 18 years ago,

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