John Schaefer, Capitol Hill And Jessica Rosenthal discussed on Larry O'Connor


The forced plea deal with one of the Capitol Hill riot defenders has been reached with the Justice Department. Keep remember John Schaefer was looking at six charges but has agreed to plead guilty to two counts, obstructing the certification of the 2020 election and breaching a restricted building. He was initially accused of using pepper spray against police officers. Court records City FBI caught shaper inside the building wearing a sweatshirt and baseball cap that said Oath Keepers lifetime member more than 400 people have been charged with participating in the Capitol Hill riot. More plea deals are expected at a source told Fox News that Shaper has also agreed to cooperate against others involved in the riot. Jessica Rosenthal, Fox news investigators now of a possible suspect in the early morning murder of a teenager outside of Frederick Hotel, the sheriff's Department got a call for shots being fired at the Country Inn and suites near Francis Scott Key Mall. When our deputy got on scene, they were able to find a deceased 17 year old male victim Lane and the front parking lot of that establishment spokesmen, Todd Y. Bell says. That's not an area known for crime after an investigation. We have a person of interest that we're currently trying. Tomo bring in the investigation will be going on for a while. No word yet on a possible motive.

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