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3 95 begin to Duke Street. They had all the way to the Fairfax County Parkway. Now from garage story here dot com A W M A. L ABC seven Storm Watch forecast Skies will continue to clear as he moved through the evening hours and into the overnight It's gonna be chilly out there with temperatures dropping out of the forties Farther south and west of the city of Frost Advisory for the Shenandoah Valley for tomorrow. Mostly cloudy skies 60 to 65 degrees for daytime high. Partly cloudy with a few stray showers on Sunday temperatures in the middle sixties A few lingering showers Monday near 70 on Tuesday. I'm seven news meteorologist Steve Road in the Storm Watch. Seven Weather Center. And right now it's 59 degrees in your nation's capital of 5 17 identity thieves love tax forms with personal info needed to steal your identity. That's why life black helps protect, monitor and restore your identity. No one can monitor all transactions at all businesses. But you can save up to 25% off your first year at Lifelock dot com. Promo code raced, introducing all new pretty play games from the Virginia lottery know the fastest way to

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