CEO of Landmark Capital, David Fisher, on Bitcoin's Recent Losses


Our weekly checkup with David Fisher, the CEO of Landmark Capital, and he's committed wholeheartedly to helping you protect your portfolio. Grow your in your legacy. What you're going to leave for your family. And for your later years in life, if you if you plan now, well, you can do quite well. Down the road, and we always appreciate his insight on these Monday's David, I hope you had a great weekend. You know who didn't have such a great weekend was Bitcoin talk to me. Bit Clinton a few other kryptos and it seems to be tied into China and also gold. We'll get to that in the moment, but, yeah, Big Queen lost 15% in a short period of time less than eight hours from set late Saturday night early Sunday morning. The other Cryptocurrency, the second largest eat your ECM lost 18% so more than Bitcoin. There seems to be like three reasons why this is happening, Kevin. The number one reason for the plunge is what a lot of people have been talking about. Analysts. The economists are saying the crypt of currency market just Huge with frostiness and well, overvalued. I mean, there's a coin last week on and I'm not endorsing any certain around a Cryptocurrency but do going it's sort 400% in a week, so that's just huge. The second reason is ah. It's unverifiable report, though, was put out on Twitter that claimed that the U. S. Treasury was looking into charging several financial institution. For using crypto currencies and also from money laundering. There is a movement by the iris just to let everybody know called Operation Hidden Treasure, which coincides with this. Ah, unclaimed report on verified So that is a real thing that the iris is coming down on people laundering money and not paying taxes on Cryptocurrency. And the third reason why this just might be is run the aftermath. All we talked about last week Queen Base when public on the NASDAQ and it ran up, and now it's just this is kind of like the hangover. That's happening s o, But there's people out there saying, you know, Bitcoin is is going to be with us to stay, and it's also competing against the US dollar. Well, and

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