Lets Make Program Evaluation Simpler With Chari Smith


Shari. Smith's believes evaluations should be accessible practical and usable. She founded evaluation into action located in portland oregon to help nonprofit professionals create realistic and meaningful program evaluation processes. She has taught several workshops helping nonprofit professionals understand the value and the use of program evaluation. She was the opening keynote speaker at the american evaluation association conference her book nonprofit program evaluation made simple. Get your data. Show your impact improve. Your programs provides step by step instruction on how to do program evaluation. Well shari. it's really nice to have you with us. Oh it's an honor to be here jong. Thank you so. I wonder if you would share with your listeners. How you found your way to an expertise in this particular field. Yeah it's an interesting story. i'll start with. I have my undergraduate degree in psychology. Which really helps with understanding human behavior and then. I got my master's in marketing. And i got deep into market research. Which allowed me to develop a technical expertise of creating quality surveys and conducting focus groups and so on when i moved to portland oregon in two thousand and one. I landed a job at education north west as a program evaluation associate and i absolutely fell in love with the field. I was surrounded by people who did program evaluation from different approaches. Different perspectives and i was an absolute sponge and took it all in. It was an exciting time. So i really just fell into the field and fell in love with it. What do you love about it shari. I love the aha moments that people. I love that when someone is gathering the data and they think it's going to be a boring arduous burdensome process and then i work with them and they go. This is really helpful. Like honestly the light bulb over their head or are they had those those moments of like out now. I know what to do because the data are telling me what's working and what's not working. And i no longer have to guess. This is

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