A highlight from Can We Truly Progress When Our World's On Fire?


No question today is we've got questions from all over the world this very local this some guy in heading which is oxygen while it's literally just koby down the road from where i'm recording this right now because because you're up in a place just up the road from us scale now guy. Oh actually said she discovered this podcast vira patron page and that she listens to it through our website on the big play button which is You never know how people are gonna find us off the question. Actually 'cause discussing where we get the questions wrong whenever the world so the very great local to us. 'cause studio after mocks very circle might the villages and actually from oxford itself but again christians from all over the world to the question of. Why are you know why you've got questions from there. How did they find it. I literally comp asking that question we've got some got starts given to us by the student groups that have been looking for us recently but they don't tell the whole story do this. I mean it's a big cobweb night. People people they recommend that they the internet's a big place. You know you own stuff about of the music. I listen to nov. music for example comes from just finding it by random. I'm not picking up an album just because a lot of walking into a music shop than ears and song by now austria way for a good friend of mine who i know that the had said music is me will say listen to this. I've got the cd this cds. So there's many ways you could pick these things up. Yeah i would say right now though. Share this podcast with five. Your friends right now. Go share with gyles question now look sows in people because this is Meaty question again. Do along the milk bottles out for the milkman. The ruby spins out. Wh- for winkles our school's out for summer. Okay say the question is climate change on rainforest destruction intertwined can. We truly have a hope of trae gress when our world is on fire. You've got some strong views mistura. And i think this might be were dominated by you today. Just thinking about how share it. We'll share it. I just like to pass on to you. Sometimes so i can listen to what want to say and i think that is instant on the whole kind of we're aware of our actions is a species so some species are and some parts of our our our web still doing anyway so people so parts are actually other wearing just carrying on regard is that we want to use the resources and it seems that profit is always the same in a to make more profit to get more growth. What is the next thing. The next thing that is going to make us money in the big the big thing with paul is a great example. Same whenever we buy anything we automatically look far more valid. Boy i because it's even sustainable is not not great. Yeah that we were using. We're using the the isn't the planet operas power. We see fit. We'd kind of mississippi look at longer term. I don't think it's necessarily to profit and to derive for profits how our winter of driven for our we get about profit. Snow again. What we do so we do. But it wasn't on guy. Oh she she says the world is on fire. It's a very in some ways. It's an used description I will do is actually on five. Climate change is just one factor in not as a big issue. It can you know especially the rainforest issue with losing it. It can be addressed. It's not gone too far yet. West to five. That's what i want to look at. Yeah i was mistaken that we have maybe gone to follow ready. I was even even if you take some a lot more. Local still continue went for a walk yesterday. There were there certain areas of the city which you know were built in one guy says nara picking an area not enough already any specific reasons. I the thought we were walking through. It is narrated obstacle frauds. Part part was built all in one thousand nine hundred thirties now before that because it was just open fields open grassland for bills in progress so much we see so much progress around us. We leave encroach so much. We kind of forget just how much we have and how much we spend. As a species and we continually

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