Thought of the Day - The Proof is in the Pivot


The proof is in the pivot welcomed. Today's leadership thought of the day brought to you by the leadership. Lifestyle podcast so the proof is in the pivot meaning. Sometimes we get so enamored with a goal or we don't want to show that we were wrong about our original analysis and now we've got to change our focus and we don't look like we were doing in and can't make up our mind and things like that now grant you if you're constantly pivoting or have the next great idea in. You're going to do this this month in this out. Yeah that's a problem but when you're really pursuing something really important are you seduced by your own success or potential success. Are you really willing to look at the evidence and say you know what what i thought was going to work out. Didn't work out the pivot here to to make it more profitable to make it more. Make make sense have better execution all that good stuff. So are you willing to pivot. That's where the proof

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