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Wisconsin's radio station 6 20. WTMJ, Milwaukee. At four o'clock. It is 47 degrees. Mostly clear skies throughout the rest of the afternoon. Alot 35 overnight tonight to live by the lakefront 32 degrees inland from the WTMJ breaking news Center on Mike Spaulding, the Dodge County Sheriff's Office investigating a possible murder suicide that occurred in Watertown early this morning. The sheriff's office says it was called to a home at 909 country lanes about 3 45 this morning. Once on scene, they Found a 52 year old man and a 16 year old boy, both dead from apparent gunshot wounds. Investigators say they believe the older man shot the boy before turning the gun on himself. Still unclear what the two relationship was the identities not yet being released. The search for a missing woman out of Franklin continues today and sheriff's deputies and police still searching for seven year old Sandra Eckert, Her husband, West spoke with our news partners that TMJ four, telling them that he and his wife got into an argument today before she went missing, though he says he believes she left under her own volition. We didn't get along too well, but You live together in you. If you run a family And, uh, It's terrible that Cassandra last seen on March 27th Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, laid to rest earlier today in a small funeral services at ST George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, a small group of about 30 people took part music from a small, socially distance choir filled the chapel of 30. Guests, mostly close relatives since Windsor Castle sits right in the flight path of London's busy Heathrow Airport. During the funeral, all planes

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