Goes to Brooklyn Center on Saturday night.


National Guard. Was in the Minneapolis area. Shot at last night, literally shot at last night. Still trying to find the perp. And then we had a congresswoman. Who is a vile, hateful Fraud. She and her husband have made millions. Always down for the revolution, though. She lives very comfortably. Her husband served his counsel general to Bermuda. I believe it was under Clinton. And she goes to Brooklyn Center on Saturday night. Why would she do that? She goes to Brooklyn center Saturday night because she thinks she's immune from criticism. Essex. Responsible reaction from members of Congress. Because she's been around a long time, and she's loved by Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer and all the rest. She wants to outdo AOC and Presley and to leave and Omar and the rest. Last night. She did. She went Brooklyn Center to talk to not just the protesters, but writers and potential writers. And she carriage them. She urged them. Keep it up. Keep it up. Don't stop. Don't go away. Don't stop. Don't go away. And, of course, lost in all this is the whole idea of American justice. American justice, and some quarters now does not exist. We'll go through the motions. The mob is in charge. Even in the case of Former officer. Powder. I've heard. Colleagues of mine on Fox Friends of mine elsewhere, say Well, they had a charger. Otherwise, you know the city would explode. What? What An amazing thing. You didn't hear what we have to charge the cock. Who shot the protester on January six because the city will explode Number one, The city won't explode and number two That's not how we conduct our justice system. Certainly not how we're supposed to go.

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