Free Agency 2021: Biggest Winners and Losers From Day One


Who's the biggest winner from day. One the biggest winner from day one already told you it was. It was a my intro. You're listening great question. Jonnu smith out. It's cam newton. Well that depends kenyans a starter for sixteen games. That's right that's true. It's yeah okay. Potentially find jonah smith. Donald smith big contract with the patriots They invest heavily in him. You like this for him i do. I think you know Obviously the quarterback is the concern. But this is the scenario especially with the move that they made that we look for in fantasy as tight end could be the leader of the pack in terms of targets and opportunities and so look cam was not good in twenty twenty. If cam does start sixteen games in two thousand twenty. One greg olsen. During a five year stretch was pretty awesome of the top tier tight ends of the guys that we did. We talk about what he was in the next group you know. And so from twenty two thousand twenty sixteen. Greg olsen averaged a hundred eighteen targets a season seventy seven catches Decide one thousand yards and five times. Johnny could do that. One season estimate put them right around a top five tight end. Greg olsen was great and not only was he great but we also saw from cam newton in that stretch that he could give you greg olsen. Who could finish as a top eight tight in five straight seasons and give you a number to wide receiver in four of those five seasons three or four of those five seasons whether it was. Steve smith or kelvin. Benjamin and even ted ginn one year. So that's interesting. I'll afforded talking about that on the show tomorrow on the tuesday morning show and then of course we'll have a whole bunch of more news items to react to. Hopefully we'll get some kenny golladay news at some point on tuesday or maybe it'll happen later on monday night as record this at about nine fifteen eastern. Who's the biggest loser from day. One the biggest loser from day one on asking these questions before. I told you that we were starting with these egypt's before the show The biggest guys they ryan tannehill johnny smith and Us down smith and corey davis They're going to have to struggle to replace those guys Davis probably more. So the jonah just from the standpoint of what he was last year with his production number two receiver sixty five catches nine hundred plus yards and five touchdowns. So we'll see what they do in in in that in that regard but i think Tannehill you know. I had him as the number eleven quarterback. I dropped in the thirteen after today. Just because i think it was close between in my mind. Joe burrow and tom brady put them behind both those guys. Okay how 'bout jameis winston ryan tannehill right now. It's soom jameis winston as the starter. I still go. i think it'd be messy. You know. I can't situation we're taking those not blaming So i was hoping james would go someplace else and tastes hill. Would still be the guy with maybe a rookie or somebody. Young that they could groom continued. Just gonna to get you know too much of the mill package of james as the starter and if as milton starter. Davis is gonna play very much so it just feels like it be messy situation oil. Who do you like better. Corey davis with the jets nelson agholor with the patriots. I think adler is going to be bad. I don't trust the situation. You know i mean he. He had so many big. Plays for the raiders last year and he was so good for derek carr but he did that on eighty two targets. I don't think he gets eighty two targets with the patriots. He's going to do the same thing. So with what cam does running the ball with what jonah smith brings to the table with. What the rest of the receiving corps will look like if julian edelman on the team if he's healthy Nagla is going to be A guy that's not on many fantasy rosters middle of the season whereas corey davis could be the best receiver for the jets. I don't know if that's going to be the case. But i would take davis by far over niagara.

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