NFL Franchise Tag: What it is and how it works


What is a franchise tax. So you hear this word a lot. I always used to think franchise tag means. We're just gonna see that player on that specific team for the remaining of the season but there or for the next year but they're a little more complicated in that so every offseason teams have a two week window to plot to a one year franchise tag so once the player gets tagged they can either sign that contract or a long term extension. Which is the more i think. That's the more popular use of the franchise tag because a of teams don't want their their coveted players to hit free agency and they don't want another to swoop them without getting being able to offer them. I so these salaries for for each tag varies by position and the price is set by either adding the top five paid players from each position or it can be one hundred percent of a player's previous year's salary so twenty percent Increase in that salary so by position quarterback at least twenty six million a year with the franchise tag water. She was get seventeen million defensive ends get around seventeen million but less than receivers linebackers get fifteen million and so on and so forth. I think running backs get around ten million so it all depends on how guys are being being paid at that specific position so teams only can use this once a year and they can only use it on one player you can use it on the same player different years but yeah you can only had us one tag per year. There's different types of tags. There's an exclusive franchise tag which means players can't negotiate it all with other teams. There's a non exclusive franchise tag where other teams can make an offer and then The the team that has that player can match that offered and take the player And then there's a tradition. Tax tradition tags are similar to non-exclusive but players get an average of top ten position salaries instead of top five. So there's a little bit of a my discrepancy there and once the tag is applied teams have until mid july to renegotiate the contract. So like i said most common use for these franchise tag is not let a player. They want hit free agency. They wanna keep them around and then negotiate a more long-term deal to save some money and get under the cap for the foreseeable future so these somewhat can be slightly unfair A lot of players disliked the franchise tag for example on robinson is voiced his opinions against the franchise tag because it plays a lot of restrictions on upper-echelon players. So when a player like allen robinson gets franchise tagged they can't really find the real market value because they have that set price on them and if they wanted to go explore free agency then they could go interview with a bunch of teams test the waters and see what their actual worth is rather than getting a set number Just put on them so that's somewhat unfair This makes them have no financial security past one season. So if there's an injury then you know they just their value could just completely plummet. Under the franchise tag now players can hold out. That's really the only leverage they have in the su- situation but you know that's asking a lot of a player to put their public. Perception line put their reputation with the fans on the line and so most players don't do that but it has gotten to that point before so most cases players work at a deal for the tag comes into place in july which is the deadline for them to restructure. Or make that deal. So now i'm gonna get into what players have got tagged so far and What does that mean for. These teams moving forward. I player i wanted to discuss. Is alan robinson so. This one was obvious when it had to be done. Bears have a lot of uncertainty at the at the quarterback situation. So i don't think they wanted to make a long term deal without knowing where what direction they were gonna go with the quarterback. But you couldn't let player of this caliber and a player. This talented gopher nothing in return so in twenty twenty roms a career. High one hundred two passes for twelve hundred fifty yards. And he's only twenty seven which is pretty remarkable considering everything he's been through he had a tornado in two thousand seventeen with jacksonville. And he's really played with really bad quarterbacks over the years he's had blake bortles who's a backup slash bouncing around the league and he's played with mitch trubisky. Who's a failed first round pick for the chicago bears. And he's still been that he's had that production there no matter what. So i really wanna see robinson play with upper echelon quarterback and i just think if you give him a russell wilson someone who's above slightly above average maybe even just average than his numbers will go up. Even more is ridiculous so like i said he's a true number one receiver. I would argue top five in the league. He's either gonna play for seventeen million in two thousand twenty which is what his franchise tag number. I think he's looking for more around twenty million and easier gonna play under that contract or he can hold out. Which i think is definitely a possibility with this player just because of the displeasure. He's voiced on social media and kind of how players of rallied. His teammates have rallied rallied around him and they really want to see him get paid but when you look at the market value so he's gonna get paid seventeen million the tag next year.

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