Fauci says Trump should urge Republicans to get vaccinated


Little dirty worm. This Fauci, you know what they call him in Washington behind his back. He's known as Tony Baloney that zoom in Washington D C. Tony Baloney. This guy is such a fraud. Such a weasel this worm found to use on all the Sunday shows. If only Trump would endorse the vaccine. It would be, it would seems like an intrinsic contradiction. that you had a program that was started during his pregnancy, and he's not out telling people to get vaccinated. I wish he would. He has such an incredible influence. Over people in the Republican Party. It would really be a game changer if he did know what is he saying if Trump would only endorse the vaccine That would be a game changer. Isn't that what he just said? Yes on If you don't believe me, I have this up on Twitter. You can see it. On March, 4th. Dr. Anthony Fauci publicly thanked Donald Trump for endorsing the vaccine. Remember the one big speech that Trump made was cpac? That was the speech that everybody saw the 30 million people. That was the speech and certainly all of his followers saw that. In the middle of that speech, he endorsed the vaccine. And if you check my Twitter if you think I'm kidding. It was March the fourth doctor Fauci after that speech, thank the president for endorsing the vaccine. So yesterday, he said. Why can't the press endorsed vaccine about you could save? Maybe he forgot. It's only 10 days. Do you think he forgot? He's just a con man. That's why behind his back in Washington. Everybody calls him Tony Baloney. Uh, Trump not only endorsed the vaccine. He created the vaccine. That's like saying a JFK. Why can't you endorse this base program? He's the one that created it and pushed it. What endorsed the vaccine. He's the one that created Operation Warp speed. He's the one that set up the program to get the vaccine. Fauci, his own boss. Said, watching Trump run operation Vaccine. Exact words was breathtaking and miraculously a watch. So this phony baloney. Fauci has gotta go

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