Comfort Food, From Mississippi To San Francisco

Asian Americana


As we learned last time growing up in different regions of the. Us can make you long for the specific adaptations and versions of the dishes. That your family or your community made in the case of our next story. It can also mean. You develop a love for more conveniently packaged version of those cultural foods. I don't think i would ever get tired of talking about. That's amy will. Bobo harvey one. I'm in innuendo abo-. I am a creative technologist and i'm indonesia american and i am number one in domi fan. I live in san francisco right now. Which is really different than where i grew up which was the live nowhere mississippi in little town along the river with a population of about twenty thousand and i lived there from when i was nine years olds to when i went to college. Moving there at such a young age wasn't an easy adjustment for amy. I remember moving to the south as a nine year old and it was pretty different from where i was moving from colorado and meeting of being like this grumpy nine year old like having to have left all of my elementary school friends like move to a new environment in the middle of the school year but then having southern food for the first time and being like okay. Yeah i guess we can live here. They have fried catfish and biscuits and gravy. So it warms. My heart towards the south to indonesian foods too as far as eating indonesian foods. I grew up eating like soto. I am a soup that my mom would make me whenever i was sick or buckman agoo which is fried corners. There are a lot of overlaps. I think between southern food indonesian food like they use of peanut oil alive similar veggies. Green beans corn okra. And i think because of the amount of fried stuff just like it tasting so like hardy and comforting put of all those foods. Amy had into me was a highlight. I asked her to tell me about indo. Mian why she loved it so much. How can i describe perfection I'll i'll try so injury is an instant noodle packet. That's meant to be eaten dry. Unlike a lot of other suit based instant noodles and then the taste is post to kind of emulate. Megan rang which is like the indonesian fried noodle dish. And there's just like something so special about the taste like it's so many different flavors so when you're making indo me you drain the noodles and then it comes with like Three or four different spice packets. There's a packet of oil. That's supposed to emulate like the oil that you would fry but noodles. There's also a spice packet of chili powder than there is the packet of boo boo. Which is like the indonesian word for. Spice the bulk of the flavoring of indo me is in the boo packet and then catch up my niece which is in an asian sweet so i saw us at the very end. There's like a little packet of fried onion bids that you can put on the very top so before we moved to mississippi we had an asian grocery store that did sell into me. And so i grew up thinking of that as the only instant noodle like i didn't know that other types of instant noodles existed and i really liked them but i thought of them as kind of like normal that fault and then moving to mississippi where into music available. We had top roman for the first time. But we made it like indo. Mimi gaurang life where he made it dry and then just like all the spice packets dry top of the noodles. We were like what is this. This is so strange. We've never had this kind of instant noodle before like all the flavors are often because like to eat talk on but yeah it made me realize like wait into me isn't the default instant noodle it's like special in hard to get which made me treasurer at even

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