U.S. offers temporary legal status to Venezuelan immigrants in U.S.


Bidet administration will allow Venezuelans who are already in the U. S illegally to remain in the country. For now. NPR's Franco or donors, reports President Biden is carrying out a campaign promise to shield more than 300,000 Venezuelans from deportation. Biden administration says it's granting Venezuelans in the United States temporary protected status for 18 months because of the current humanitarian and economic crisis in their country. Benjamin Good. Dan, who was the top adviser on Venezuela in the Obama White House, says there's long been bipartisan support for permitting Venezuelans already in the U. S to remain here legally. Venezuela is a failed state. In every single measure, there's simply not enough food to go around. Hospitals had collapsed before the pandemic. You ever oppressive dictatorship and extraordinary levels of violence in the street, he said. It was just inhumane to send people back into those conditions.

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