Seattle Seahawks Today: Latest Rumors On A Russell Wilson Trade


Originally or a few a few weeks ago russell. Wilson's camp released some information that he was unhappy in seattle. They have not formally requested a trade but it seems like the relationship has some conflict there. he has a no trade clause in his contract. There were specific exemptions from four. Team's the cowboys. The saints the bears and las vegas after dak prescott signed is extent like talked about and the raiders recently have back derek carr. They've given their full support. They they wanna move forward their cars. So that really leaves the saints and the bears as the final two candidates for possibly getting russell wilson this offseason so saints are always in salary cap trouble From what. I've learned about the salary cap they can. They ended up being able to just move money around when they need to. But they're always close to reaching that point so they're always during the cat but it seems unlikely that they will be able to make a move for quarterback this price in this caliber. So when you re comes down to it. The bears like the front runners as the most desperate team. Four quarterback if you've watched the nfl shares have always had quarterback issues. They've been in quarterback hell so to speak for the past two decades and russell. Wilson could come in and immediately fix that so the bears are desperate. And i see the bears as the front running candidate to lead russell wilson or land russell. Wilson this offseason. So when did all this start with russell. wilson is come out of nowhere I would say to myself when i first saw. Russell wilson wants out. I was shocked. But although it's not that cut and dry comes down to russell wilson. Mp carol's relationship. So they've won a superbowl. They made playoffs made. They made the playoffs. Eight times in the last nine seasons which is absurd. It's absurd to think there was wasn't been playing in the nfl for the last nine seasons But he's been assault as they come. He's true winner. he goes to the playoffs. he's clutch and i see. The situation is very similar to the tom. Brady situation new england. You had tom brady and bill play for all those years. Winning all those super bowls and talk. Although tom brady wasn't playing up to his level he wasn't playing bad and they had that loss to the titans of the playoffs. And i think he just had those two egos bill. Belichick and tom brady kind of going at each other. And they've they've finally kind of just tired of that relationship and they wanted to move on. They wanted to start. Something new. And when quarterbacks are with the head coach for so long things start to take a turn for the worst so. I'm not sure if that's exactly what's happening with p carroll and russell wilson but there are a lot of similarities there so it was reported in week. Eleven of the season. That wilson stormed out of an offensive meeting when he was trying to offer insight as to what he wanted done as on a bit done for protection standpoint and so that was the first sign the second sign is just overall. He's been getting hit way. Too much. says he's sacked. He's been three hundred ninety four times since entering the league which is on pace to be the most sat quarterback of all time which is pretty insane when you consider how well he's played and he's just been under duress running for his life literally for the last his whole career and so seattle hasn't found a way to kind of sure up that protection for him. I think that's starting to get frustrating as well. So but more specifically in two thousand twenty. He had a week nine loss to the bills. This was a defining moment for this offense offense because after that moment. Russell wilson had started to throw a lot of turnovers making a lot of risky plays they lose to the bills. The seahawks kind of started to scale the offense back like i said to limit turnovers and did not perform well for the rest of the season so before that game. They were top. Three league based on expected points added per play. They were the number three the top three leak and then after that game from from weeknight on they felt a number eighteen the remainder of the season. So that's a huge huge drop off so they really sputtered down the stretch. They were able to win games and make the playoffs through to their defense. Kind of picking picking up. Their play was weird. Their offense was so good in the beginning the defense awful and he kind of flipped that latter half of the year but he's also getting hit It doesn't seem to meet on their offensive loss of beat philosophy and he. He's definitely voiced that he wants more of a say. In the franchise direction as the franchise quarterback so all these things culminating into one is. Where would he end up.

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