A highlight from New Mix: Lucy Dacus, Producer George Martin's Secret 'Ray Cathode' Project, More


Npr's pop culture happy hour. Podcast is with you five days a week to make sure that time is well spent listen now to the pop culture. Happy hour podcast from npr for npr music. You connected to all songs considered. I'm bob boylan for her. Third album. Titled home-video lucy davis is looking at the past quite literally. She's gone through old family footage reflecting on what it was like coming of age and discovering her place in life while growing up in richmond virginia. The video for the song hot and heavy brings the past to the present with friends gathering in a movie theater watching home. Movies of lucy is child. I'll post video on the all songs considered sight. Here's lucy tickets to tell us more hot and heavy. I wrote in twenty seventeen like before anything from historian even out so being able to share. It feels really surreal. I kind of forgot people would hear it eventually but It's based off of like some feelings. I was having after touring a lot for the first time after no burden. Coming back to richmond and feeling like it had changed and i had changed in the perception of mea changed and yet it was a really weird destabilizing time honestly but a growth time be. I am really proud of the music video because it involves so many people that i love like home videos that my dad took when i was a kid. And it's at the burgtheater. Which is this movie palace in richmond where they have like four dollar movies and i know i like

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