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Everyone welcomed the new media. Show walk around. How you doing to be back a little bit of a fun. Jingle era that was that was a little bit of fun thanks to a listener Lee la- puke wrote us and gave us lots of lots of feedback and shared some Some audio with us to appreciate that lee and we definitely appreciate. We have some more to will hold off to later because we we don't wanna jingle you to death but we have some fun ones and some of you have had specific jingles made for year when we talk about you so right so we'll we'll probably more formalize lee use these in a more organized way As you look to the future but yeah we've got a couple of other little sound clips. Todd luda to making fun of a couple of a significant listeners. Out so in the afternoon to everyone. Welcome to the new media. Shelve and rob. Hey you know there's nothing going on not being going on in. This was definitely not the right week. What's a week right. Yeah because i was laughing on saturday so we could probably had a pretty good show today. We did one because there was enough to happen from wednesday of last week. But anyway wow apple was you know. Here's you know. I was watching the apple event yesterday. And tim cook comes on and he goes walking through the campus and main he bam he dropped right into the apple. Podcast announcement like boom i. I mean like within the first five minutes and and of course emails and meetings and everything else under the sun immediately popped up and Yeah so here. We go yeah. Well it's amazing how the opportunity of revenue will will Spike up the conversation a little bit on the apple side. And i think i think they're wealthy crashed to. Yeah i think that there. This is a move that they should have made probably a few years ago. But i guess you know. I'm glad it's here. It's an interesting evolution of the the apple. Podcast area and i think Bringing in some revenue into the coffers is good for solidifying our place over there with apple to so as they've been building out their team they need to justify that a little bit and i think this is part. You know this rise along with that. I think we're looking more under the covers here but on the surface. I think it's it's good to have a spectrum of options for podcasters and that's what this represents at the cost of thirty percent of your revenue but right well but that's expected from apple. So here's the interesting thing. Is that luminary and others that have pay models already have basically said immediately were were putting all our shows on and making them available pay per listener subscription base or whatever. They're going to be called. I got a speaker. Turn down the other rob if you wanna kinda exclude outjump over there and turn that opera. Quick well i do think as as they should. And i think this you know apple is now planted a flag in the ground. that premium podcasts is is here and a significant entering option for Contact creators will looking forward. And so i think will you will see a lot of the other larger platforms follow suit with Comparable programs so. I think those that wanna monetize. This way are going to have to replicate this process with apple a few more times across a few more of the big big podcasts listening platforms. I think he's a look to the future Who knows highlights gonna take for. You know a spotify to do a similar thing. They been doing a little bit of this to some degree. I think but certainly not at the scale that apple is doing but i also thought taught it was interesting that in apple's asking those that are participating in this program to pay a nineteen ninety nine fee per country right and i wasn't exactly sure and maybe you got this detail to was it. A nineteen ninety nine to be available in one country or is it nineteen ninety nine if you're in one country available to all the countries or is it you know. I wasn't really clear on that. I'll find out it Five o'clock tomorrow because that's a question. I has to hitting on a on a special. Yeah a presentation. Well we're having a yeah. They're doing the presentation and we're having a one on one with one of the team members too. So i think that what i would suspect. It'll be nineteen ninety five per country because there's a different store for every country. So i would. I don't think it's gonna be nineteen ninety five globally but it could have been ninety nine nine pie because that's usually the entry point for app developers and everyone else so nineteen ninety-five to get go in if it's only if that's annually. It's not a big big step for someone but another thing. That unique is you will upload your premium content via wave or or or flock flack too which is import a two through apple to apple and then they will encode they will host the premium content. You'll get no stats back to your hosting provider. It will be strictly on apple's platform and you'll probably get some statistics and their dashboard. But the this is and what this really does and you know what the challenges for some of these companies that are out there right now. That are going to be competing with them. Is you know all these companies have had quote unquote. And i'm going to say this because we did the study they have quote unquote secure feet and they're very very susceptible to you know we. We offered our private podcasting solution. We talked to customer says. Here's the risk at the security level and then step up through authentication types so what that really eliminates is you will be essentially guaranteed that no one is going to get access your content that is not authorized or who has not paid. So n- someone's not going to be able to share in our speed in a username password to get access to this content. They're actually using drm right digital rights management control of the media file which has a ironic history If we think about it. Todd this is exactly what the audible folks tried to do back in two thousand. I think it was two thousand five. Two thousand six Was trying to wrap de aram around. Mp three files back in the early days of the medium and it It it fail at that point. Well this is a little different. No time it's it's using the same technology. I thought it was interesting that we've come back to that. So you know we grew in the end you know. Just like one of our security levels weakening trip the media on the device you know and it has to be reauthenticate so drm follow some of the same features you know. We're working with banks and other people that have super critical information. Sharing with their employees only their employees can get in. If that information got out to a third party. Then

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