A highlight from The Needle-Mover Bonus Pool and A Brain Discussion with Dr. Jared Van Snellenberg, the caddie from Happy Gilmore

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It'd be prepared. Please watch that. Enjoy the show. Let's talk some golf. Barstools boards god. I love starting the show with a laugh and a complete debacle but jake bass producer bass behind the scenes. Big thanks to jake into bug as always says that it helps. It's the only way to clap sank. We do record locally. We're doing all thing so we're back. Trento variety has a microphone. Get started hold onto that actually help because the worst clap. I think we've ever given so. I don't think that health jake. Do you think that helped talk to us from the clouds that one that one much we can we clap show does that helpers edge just gonna drive people off the side of the room at the at the very end. We'll lapsing ben in all figured out from there. I do have a microphone. This time around. I went to formally apologize to all the listeners. From the last episode i was not using a microphone and i just had the headphone mike scratching up against my luscious beer. The whole time and people did not like that. And i want to apologize jake. Basquiat me a mike. So hopefully we will never have that problem again. Yeah people said that every time you spoke it sounded like you were crunching wrappers in your mouth as you were speaking to them. Which is truly unfortunate. Because you know we talked the whole breaking one hundred series. That's finally happening like that was a big thing that's going on in my world and people were like. I can't fucking listen to this all because it sounds horrific but better this time around. Hopefully that will never happen again. You sound very clear. Very smooth that i dreamt. Thank you one of the benefits of not. Having a beard is that it can't russell up against your hair. A little peek behind the curtain. Here we were about to hop on and producer. Jake said to frankie. Hey man i think you'll like a soul patch going on and i've never seen franken jump out of a chair faster and run to shave his face. He has now clean shaven man. And i almost wish that jake hadn't said anything because the soul patch and your facial hair is such a disaster that i wanted to grow out again boy and unfortunately i think it's because we have a little pre rangers islanders. Talk to so. I think the soul patch was like now. Can't criticize me about anything. So if i shave this i can just hammer lurch about the rangers with simply no comeback. And so you shot out of your desperate at cannon shave thing off now. I mean on top of the world today for sure. There's no denying that was at the nassau coliseum. Last night i went to borelli's pre-game myself chicken parm with three and my buddies. You know we're all in a group text about the islanders for years and we finally all got to a game together. Islanders rangers playoff implications. Couldn't be higher for the rangers. They were eight points behind the islanders. With a chance to bring it to six with a chance to go within four points of the bruins islanders dismantle their organization one of the more One of the more just mean bullying type wins. I've ever seen in my entire life. Trueba got knocked back to fucking winnipeg by matt. Martin literally didn't know where he wasn't anymore. I'm praying for him and his safety in his family But yeah it's it was a good game. It was great to be regular costume laughing. People as you know all the ranger fans that fill up the cali. They're all sitting there drinking. They're soft drinks. It was fun. It was a fun day. The other side with your dad and brother for the first time in six months to watch this game that has plagued him from the other side and be ready to turn it off after ten minutes third period because it was a mess. And then e bugs buddy. I don't even know his name. Names like potato. He's the worst defense i've ever seen. Play the game of hockey. He refuses to bend his knees and move anywhere quickly. He just stands on play. A pylon makes horrible passes. It was a horrible game. It's talking about golf. Not a hockey. I guess that sounds lovely. Lot of news in the world of golf right now. In tana news people are weighing in from all angles from all different vantage points on the player impact programs. We're going to go through that whole thing. It's it's really tied to a lot of things that we've talked about a lot of things that we do a lot of different players that we've highlighted or talk negatively about or whatever -nother thing we like to highlight what what is this right here. Follows owens mixers uniform palumbo. I think that plo mexi writing in. Yeah this is your little Your grapefruit in line

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