Army Awards $50M Contract for New SOF Sniper Rifle


Looks like we might be getting some new sniper rifles in the U. S military. The U. S Army just awarded a $50 million contract Tow bear firearms manufacturing arm snipers with the multi caliber sniper rifle preferred by special Operation forces. A five year contract will buy 2800 MK 22 multi role Adaptive Design or M. Brad sniper rifles that can be chambered for 338, Norman Magnum or 300 Norm remain them or the 7.6 by 51 NATO ammunition. The award comes two years after U. S Special Operations Command Award. The contract to Bear for the Do em Red Sniper the system. The new rifle were placed the M one or seven separate fel also made by barrack in the M 2010 enhance sniper rifle systems. The M red will. Well, Army snipers to shoot out the 1500 M with the barrel trembled for 15000.338. That's 300 M further than the M 2010 enhance sniper rifle, which is chamber for the 300 Winchester Magnum. The MK 22 is part of the Army's Precision Sniper Rifle program, which also includes the Leopold and Stevens mark five ht scope in a sniper accessory kit. Now. The Marine Corps has also chosen the M wrapped for his advance Sniper rifle program. The M Rad is set to replace the Marines. Current Mark 13 months seven Sniper rifle, which is chambered for the 300 Winchester Magnum. Along with all the other bolt action sniper rifles in the sea service.

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