Should I Start My Software Company Without a Co-Founder?


So mitch wants to know. Should he bring on a co founder as he begins his software business. He has an. Mvp has a has been a Members already so it sounds like he's built his first version of a software on his own with Hiring a team of people and good for you for taking action and seeing if this thing has legs before you even start thinking about bringing a co-founder now. I've been in software for seven years now and i have met and have gone to know a lot of software founders bartolotta software groups and mastermind groups sas academy scaling sas founders some anymore and there are many software companies that have founders where there's two three or four and there's also many that don't have co founders single founders running the whole business now often single founders of a software business Our technical so they can actually build the app themselves of the wanted to now. Obviously that's very slow moving and it doesn't leave a lot of time and attention for that founder to build the business to market to sell to get the software in the hands of your ideal customers so semi argue. If you are a single founder being non technical can help you because you're focused on the things that's going to move the business and you can always hire out for technical help now there are businesses that do co-founders like my businesswoman are ninja. My software company has a co founder. Her name is my life and business. She's the c o. she's not a technical founder. she's operating officer. She does operations and nicole. And i are the co founders of our ninja now having said that we have a team of developers. We have a full-time. Cto chief technical officer so you have options. You don't need to always just have Your leader of technology bef co-founder. You can always hire out for it. You can actually pay the money you can even give them some equity or maybe a profit share if you want to but co-founder ship Really slices the pie generously.

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