Codecov Breach Impacted ‘Hundreds’ of Customer Networks


Hundreds of networks reportedly hacked in kodakov supply chain attack following on with the story. We have been covering this week. New reporting from reuters shows that hundreds of customer networks have been breached in kodakov incident expanding. The scope of this breach beyond its own systems. Kodakov is an online software testing platform. That can be integrated with get hub projects to generate code coverage reports statistics in this attack threat actors gained co two cubs credentials from their flawed docker image that was then used to alter kotenkov bash. Uploaded script used by its customers. Kotenkov has over twenty nine thousand customers including prominent names like go. Daddy atlassian the washington post and proctor and gamble making this a noteworthy supply chain incidents and an ongoing story. Remote code execution vulnerabilities uncovered in smart air. Fryer researchers from cisco talos have disclosed to remote code execution vulnerabilities in the koussari. Five point eight quart. Air fryer a wifi connected kitchen product that leverages the internet to give users remote control over cooking temperature times and settings according to tell us researchers cassara did not respond appropriately within the typical ninety day vulnerability disclosure period which is why it has now been made public. Though consumers may consider this situation to be innocuous it is an example of an iot endpoint of unr- ability that can leverage a home connection to cause damage there or anywhere else

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