A highlight from A Prayer to Revive Christian Virtues


Titus two seven we are called to be an example in our society to guide others in the way of the lord. Although the virtue of society has gone out the window we're meant to live by example in everything we do christ like character includes being on a loving everyone even those who are hard to love being kind and having self control to name. A few here are three christian. Virtues we need to revive if we're to thrive and lead by example one faith. It's hard to keep the faith in difficult situations. It's hard not to lean on your own thoughts and feelings at times but we must always remember that the lord knows what is best and will help us avoid any snares on the path. We're on we must always put our faith in him. When it comes to the path he puts us on proverbs. Three five or six says trust in the lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make street your paths to hope. It's hard to find hope. In the times we live. There's always something terrible going on somewhere. We need to restore our hope through prayer that even the smallest things will get better and to constantly read and trust in his word to romans. Twelve twelve says be joyful in hope a patient in affliction in prayer three love. We all have different opinions on things in different views but we have to love each other regardless this includes people from all walks of life. People desperately need to see the love of christ shining through us. I corinthians thirteen thirteen says and now these three remain faith. Hope and love but the greatest of these is love. Are you struggling in one or more of these virtues. That's why i'm so. Glad we serve a loving and merciful. God if this is you please use these words to call out for help him. let's pray. I long to honor you. And everything. I say and do i long to treat those around me as you would. If sometimes i struggle in some areas. I need your help. I long to be a good example for those around me. And sometimes i fail lord i ask that you would out man all these areas so that i can grow and become the role model that you want me to be. Please guide my mind and emotions from here on out in your name. I

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