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You're listening to a now cover now but feeder almost planted on the ground fig is welcome back to first of all a real unfiltered conversation on family relationships and culture. I'm your host mingy chain actor producer and entrepreneur here to share inspiring stories and to walk through everyday life with you did you guys are all doing well. Stink safe staying healthy getting vaccinated. I just got my first shot. I am team pfizer. That's what i was lucky enough to get And it was an emotional moments. We are still going through it. Y'all and I know that there's a lot that were navigating. So yeah just please take care of yourselves. Please get vaccinated when you get the chance. And i hope that you get a chance asap. Take i am very excited for this week's guest and topic because if you've been following along with first of all thank you first of all and Glad to share space and hold space for others in this crazy crazy time. We've been going through a lot of really deep topics that matter very deeply to me and talking about trauma anti-asian violence and our collective stress and howard trying to manage all of this the pandemic the racism The hates and the prolonged wonderment of are we ever going to be okay and out of this this moment in time so given that I was really excited to connect with my guest who i connected with on clubhouse and we will share that story in this upcoming conversation but she is just a bright light and somebody who's work i really admire and i'm really excited to share with all of you guys so my guest. This week is kyra. Kim and kyra is a nasa post. Doctoral fellow at the jet propulsion laboratory. No big deal. She was born and raised in south korea and she moved to the us in two thousand nine to pursue geology. Now i don't know about you guys but i don't personally know anybody who has pursued geology. I know people have been interested in it but not made it like the center of their studies and or their life. Okay so kyra is definitely one of a kind. And she received a dual bachelor's actually one in geology and one in music. Sokaiya is a creative scientist. And oh my gosh is like a match made in heaven. I feel like i met. You know a soul sister and she also studied this at the university of texas in austin mass. One of my favorite cities. So you know it was meant to be her. Doctoral work focused on groundwater biogeochemical reactions in sandy beaches which we all know of all right. I mean i knew nothing about an hour. I've been fascinated about cairo's work is that she focuses on water sustainability so when i heard her share her background and what she does in in clubhouse i was just like i need with this girl right away and it's been one of these really great connections that have come out of a very interesting and chaotic app. I honestly really appreciate but I'm really grateful for this. So cairo's work has been very you know scientifically based faded. Stunned a lot of research She is one of few women in that space. And i'm incredibly inspired by who she is and what she's done and really excited to share that with all of you guys because i think i personally really drawn in by stories like this when you're the odd person out of you're doing something extraordinary just because you're just being who you are and this is who kyra is. She wants to pursue science. She is doing it well. She's doing that at nasa and she's doing things to really help all of us and in the grand scheme of things with all of the really things that have been weighing on our hearts in our minds There are other things that still need our attention like climate change like the earth And we all have a responsibility in that and there's leaders like cairo. That are doing a lot of this. Incredibly important work that needs to be shared with all of us. So i'm just doing my little part here first of all to help share and broadcast it. Because i'm personally really inspired interested in it and hope that you guys are too so yeah. I hope that you enjoy this conversation. And that you'll share it with a friend and also reminded a please stick around to the end. 'cause this week's featured artists is rubio barra. Who's filipina rapper. Who i adore and you will not be disappointed. And it'll be totally worth sticking through the very end to listen to her. Music has real excited feature so without further ado. Here's my of the senate with cairo. Enjoy catch see all wealth. You misjudge farmer. But i'm a lover you can't to looking at the welcome first of all this. Kyra hello. hi thanks for having me on for sure. How are you doing today. good. Friday can't complain too much. Always find to complain about your probably more mature then. Almost yeah How how have you been holding up this past year. That's the thing that i start off. A lot of. Podcast is checking in like. How has your year been in. How have you been holding up. You know it's been really great. Which is less to say It was definitely tough being isolated going through quarantine as with everyone else by. I think that helped me reprioritize a lot of things. I was missing in life. You know you get in the room and you just keep gogo yeah And then with. Kobe sat down in kind of reorganize what needed to bring to the forefront of my life that i had may be dropped before mom fitness being one of them. Okay fitness So yeah it's really great good. I'm glad to hear that that's really. There's been you know so many other versions of this past year with the exhaustion Love i think that the reprioritising thing is so key. It's a very good like byproducts. If you will. Who as i mentioned in in our hype woman intros. I love to do it without my guests hype. Women them up. You are incredible like life journey career. That i'm so excited to talk with you about today. You are a nasa post. Doctoral fellow at jpl people don't know jpl is the jet propulsion lab so nobile at. I took a peek at your website and stuff. But like i i would love to like explained. Sorry excuse the construction. Just like pretend that it's not there but I just wanted to share. How i got connected with you because i heard you on clubhouse and love to get your opinions on that but before we get into that love for you to like tell us your. What's your elevator. Pitch of who. You are how you are here today. Yeah share before. I say anything i would like to just put out a small disclaimer. That anything that i reveal here or discuss is not reflective of the official views of nasa or jpl or us ra. But thank you again for having me a really quick summary of who i am Waimea was tyra born and raised in south korea and I was worn under an engineer. Father in an english teacher mother. So i certainly got lucky. Picking up the english language I came over to the states Two thousand nine. After kind of redirection of my dreams of becoming a classical pianist. I switched thinking into going into lawyer. as my dream and then i switched again into sciences In that's when the us in two thousand nine for college I did you logical studies At the university of texas. At austin i have a degree in music. So i give my musical. And then yeah and then i kind of really fell in love with the study of water in so i got my pc and hydrogen where understood or try to understand Beach biogeochemical reaction

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