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On the threes. All right, good information. Thank you, Kevin. And our traffic is followed by the weather because we have traffic and weather together. Every 10 minutes and today has been an April surprise. We do have those strong winds. That's not a surprise, but snow flurries and dead. Um, for some of you. That was a bit of a surprise. What about those flowers again? Put that little blanket on them tonight because of that risk of frost. And tonight should be a low of 38 degrees. Tomorrow We're warming up, the sun will shine the wind will blow high 61 could feel cooler warming up to near 74 years Saturday looks like a good day for you to get outside. But we are seeing that risk of clouds building with periods of rain arriving or returning. I should say Saturday night How about that lightning Last night was at five o'clock sounded like the Earth was exploding with those thunder booms. None of that in this forecast, but just that heavy rains Saturday and Sunday is a definitely inside kind of day periods of rain throughout the entire day. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she's now working on a new plan to form a commission to investigate the January six attack on the Capitol that left five people dead as she had hinted about this immediately on the heels of that riot. But she says she is optimistic on reaching a deal with Republicans on this. They wanted to have it even instead of the president

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